BAM Apprentice Joins Us!

July 2017

We were privileged to have Harry Ramsey – BAM Nuttall Apprentice join us for a week! We really enjoyed having him as part of the team and working with him!

He said “I really enjoyed my time with OnSite, they gave me a total overview of their business as well as allowing me to pick up skills and knowledge from their team. This was very valuable to me because I have not been in the industry long.”

He went on to say “Spending time in their offices was made even more enjoyable by such a good atmosphere embraced by all, highlighted by the fact that the directors sit at the same desks, in the same room as everyone. This creates a real tight unit feel to the offices. I would like to thank everyone for the time they spared me and look forward to working with you guys in the future.”

We are grateful to be able to help apprentices and students that are hoping to gain more knowledge in the industry and in supply chains.

Thank you Harry, and all the best in the future!