JSP Force 8™ and Force10™ PressToCheck Filters

Replace your filters regularly to keep yourself protected from long term respiratory damage

Choose P3 filters to protect against concrete dust, respirable silicates, asbestos and even welding
Choose ABEK P3 to extend that protection to include organic vapours and gases, inorganic gases, sulphur dioxide/acidic gases and ammonia.
Press2check offers daily face-fit reassurance and the design produces high-efficiency dust protection
Passes dolomite and the closed design provides for improved hygiene
Low profile and fully EN143 compliant
Priced and sold in a pair (always replace filters as pairs and follow manufacturer’s maintenance instructions)
Please note that neither of these filters will protect against the following:

– Organic vapours and gases with boiling points below 65°C
– mercury
– oxides of nitrogen
– carbon monoxide

Specialist filters are available on request to protect against these.