H-Wash45 Handwash Station

H-Wash45H Handwash Station Unit with Integral Dispensers (Warm Water Option available)

Code: CJ3HW45-CV19 (Water temperature depends on environment)
Suitable for external/outdoor environments
Hands free operation. Water supply from foot operated tap
Self contained 45 Litre storage tank
Capable of 225 x20 second hand washes
Grey water is stored in a removable drum
Comes with space for a 5 litre soap dispenser, paper towel dispenser & waste bin
Extra storage space for spare consumables

Code: CJ3HW45H-CV19 (Warm Water Option- no plumbing)
Provides warm water at constant 38°C
Available in 110 or 240V – please mention at time of order
Highly durable unit made from 70% recycled plastic
Suitable for external/outdoor environments

Note: 2 weeks lead time applies for CJ3HW45H-CV19 (Warm Water Option)