JSP Force 8 Half Mask Accessories

Accessories for your JSP Force8™ Half-mask

Helping you to maximise the safety and lifespan of your respirator
Mask Mounted Non-IP Splash Guard:

Provides a layer of protection against aerosols and droplets
Prevents user from touching eyes and face
Quick and simple cleaning with soap and water
Easily fits to the JSP Force 8 half mask

Helmet Mounted Non-IP Cough Guard:

Fits the EVOLite®, EVO®2, EVO®3, EVO®4, EVO®5, Micro peak and standard peak helmets
Compatible with Sonis® ear defenders and all 2 & 4 point chinstraps
Quick and simple cleaning with soap and water

Force 8 Mask Belt Bag with Storage Compartments:

Main compartment allows for the storage of the Force 8 half masks without the filters attached
Two additional compartments for the filters

Half Mask Face Size Guide:

Fantastic bit of kit that helps you to know if you need a small, medium or large mask ensuring the best fit possible for the wearer