Skin Protection

Only 1 in 3 outdoor workers use sunscreen. Even on cloudy days during the summer, skin is still exposed to harmful UV rays; so ensure you're wearing sunscreen throughout the summer months.
Your essentials; Sunscreen, UV Sun Safety Centre Board

Summer Eyewear

The level of UV protection offered by protective eyewear is an important consideration during the summer months to keep eyes safe from damaging UV rays.
Your essentials; UV400 Safety Glasses and UV400 Goggles, Lens Cleaning

Hi-Vis & Summer Clothing

Look for clothing that's lightweight and breathable, whilst offering adequate protection from the sun.
Your essentials; summer-friendly Hi-Vis tops, Hi-Vis Waistcoats, Shorts, Evaporative Cooling Vest

Top 10 Tips for Summer On-Site

Ensure you and your team are equipped to stay comfortable, productive and cool on-site over the summer months with our top tips.
Things to consider for your hot working strategy

Summer 2019 catalogue

Our new Summer 2019 catalogue is available to download here.

Summer On-Site Article

Keeping employees cool and safe in hot weather
- Damian Lynes, Sales Director