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A happy, healthy and productive site

People spend a lot of time at work, so it’s important they feel appreciated, happy and confident, so they can do the best job possible. On a construction site, there are many ways to support staff and ensure their physical and mental wellbeing needs are met. We support construction by ensuring our clients’ teams are kept safer, healthier and more productive on site.

So, from PPE to builder’s tea, we help to keep your workforce happy. Here are our top tips for ensuring staff feel safe, valued and supported.

1. The right environment

Practice good housekeeping by ensuring your site and work areas are clean, clear and comfortable. Is it at the right temperature? Do you have the right storage for an uncluttered working environment? Are you providing cleaning products to maintain site hygiene? Do you have separate changing facilities for women?

2. Regular breaks

We all know construction work can be tiring and hard-going, so rest is important to recharge the batteries. Encourage your team to take regular breaks by providing appropriate rest areas and plenty of refreshments on site.

3. Personal care

Research by one of our suppliers, occupational skin care and hand hygiene specialist Deb, found that about 70% of site workers have clinically dry skin. Ensure you provide appropriate personal cleaning products such as hand cleaners and barrier creams.

4. Suitable clothing

Clothing needs to be comfortable, safe, appropriate for the season and working conditions. PPE should be considered a part of the uniform and go beyond just basic protection. If clothing fits well, your staff will be happy to wear it. We can also advise you on the most appropriate clothing for the working conditions.

5. Suitable footwear

Sore feet hamper performance. Footwear needs to be durable, comfortable and suitable for the job in hand. A decent pair of safety boots will improve performance, as workers can stay on their feet for longer.


6. Reduce stress

A construction site can be a stressful environment. Keep communication open to ensure your workers feel safe, comfortable and happy. They might not want to talk to you directly, so it is worth considering providing different ways for them to discuss any issues. How about a regular confidential questionnaire so you know how your team are really feeling?

Feeling safe and valued

All the above has a positive impact on staff by allowing them to feel both safe and valued in the workplace. As people are at the core of your business, it is vital to ensure premium protection is provided by products that meet the latest industry regulations. Why not ask for one improvement from each member of staff to help them feel appreciated.

By putting these tools in place, your staff will feel confident in their ability to perform their role. OnSite Support can help advise on the most appropriate options for your staff.

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