When working onsite, it’s important that employees wear the right safety clothing to prevent accidents. We have a wide range of safety clothing to suit any requirement, from jackets and fleeces to trousers and shorts, plus many specialised items. Some of our most popular items are part of our Hi-Vis clothing range, which increases visibility onsite, especially useful when working with heavy machinery or in the dark. Our Hi-Vis range offers options for year-round safety, from polo shirts to heavier Constructor jackets.

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We also offer a selection of high-quality fleeces and jackets to make sure that you and your staff are warm while working onsite during the colder months. In addition, we supply boiler suits and overalls that are perfect for all kinds of purposes, from flame retardant to waterproof. Safety clothing is important to help prevent injury and illness onsite and is well worth the investment. No matter what you’re looking for we have the right safety clothing for you.

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