The challenge we face

The science is clear, and unarguable. Too much of what we all do every day is damaging our world, and adversely affecting the lives of the creatures and people with whom we share it. Each of us must do what is necessary to prevent further irreparable harm to the planet we share. For some time now, we’ve been working to plan a transformation of our business; because we recognise that nothing less is equal to the task before us.

Building Better

Building Better is our long-term strategy to help deliver our company mission to support every single person in the construction industry to work bettersafer and more sustainably. 

It is designed to drive practical action across all levels of our organisation, and to create positive impacts for our customers, suppliers and staff, as well as for the communities in which we live and work and – perhaps most fundamentally – the planet we call home.



Our four commitments


Redesign and re-engineer the way we work, replacing the processes, infrastructure and materials required to enable us to reach net-zero.

Our Planet strategy is about a practical re-tooling and reorgansiation of how we work every day, including use of zero-emissions vehicles, waste management, and energy reduction through greater efficiency.



Reconfigure our approach to supply-chain management, prioritising improvements in the environmental and social impact of what we supply.

Our biggest environmental impact comes from our Scope 3 emissions – the carbon produce in the making of the products we supply. Our Product strategy is about reducing these emissions, as well as ensuring that we manage our supply chain to the highest ethical standards.


Invest in improving the lives of all the people our business touches.

We are closely connected to countless people through our supply chain, our partnerships, and the communities in which live and work. Our People strategy is designed to ensure that the impact we make upon them is positive for us all. View our Social Value page here.



Work with our supply chain, customers and independent bodies to accelerate collective progress to the highest standards.

At the heart of our partnership strategy is a focus on data. It is reliable, transparent data that will enable us, our suppliers and most importantly our customers to make the right decisions so that we can all meet our responsibilities. None of us can succeed unless all of us do.


Download our Building Better document, a guide to our strategy



Contact our Sustainability Team for more information about our Building Better strategy commitments:

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