Recycle today for a better tomorrow

Supporting the planet for our children

Recycle today, for a better tomorrow

Like you, we care about the environment. OnSite Support are experts in the construction industry and truly understand the importance of waste management. We are actively working to reduce waste in our own supply chain, reviewing our internal processes and driving out inefficiencies, so we can help protect the environment and you as individuals.
Construction generated around three fifths (62%) of total UK waste in 2016*. Of that, 75.6% is recovered, whilst the rest enters landfill. That’s a lot of waste!

With a limited number of landfill sites now available in the UK and the impact that these landfill sites have on their surrounding areas, by choosing to recycle you’re helping to protect the environment for future generations to come.

Throughout the lifespan of a project you use a wide range of PPE and a lot of it. But what happens to your PPE once you’re done with it?

PPE Recycling with 100% diversion from landfill

OnSite Support are in partnership with Recycling Lives to ensure we offer the best possible solution for end of life PPE. Choosing to recycle PPE and its packaging offers:

  • Secure certified destruction of company and project logos/names
  • Evidence of working towards a circular economy
  • Supporting the environment for future generations
  • Evidenced end of life solutions with fully auditable reporting on waste streams
  • Support for social initiatives, contributing to more than£11M+ of social value*


*Includes construction, demolition & excavation | Source: DEFRA report – 19th March 2020 – UK Statistics on Waste
*FY 2018/19 Recycling Lives social report


Your OnSite Support PPE Recycling Service

Step 1. Requesting your PPE Recycling Service

Contact us to request your 240L Recycling Wheeled Container and the PPE recycling woven sacks
(supplied in multiples of 5). These items will be delivered separately (to minimise the carbon footprint)
to your site within 5 working days. On the wheeled storage bin, full details of the service and collection
process is supplied

Step 2. Collection

Once you have 5 or more PPE recycling collection sacks filled please contact Recycling Lives and
request collection. Recycling Lives collect from all cable tied sacks from one central location, which has
to be the same as the delivery postcode. To maximise logistics efficiencies and minimise unnecessary
journeys (to reduce CO2), your collection date may be up to 10 working days. If urgent, please discuss
directly with Recycling Lives who may be able to prioritise the collection
Contact details for collection: Tel: 0300 100 0028 Email:

Step 3. Confirmation of Collection

Recycling Lives will continue to stay in contact with you throughout the process

Step 4. Tracking Your PPE Recycling

Once your PPE is collected, we will be advised from Recycling Lives and at the end of the month, we will
receive full reporting on the different waste streams used to recycle your materials
FORS – Currently we are unable to service sites which insist on FORS due to the logistics situation with
Recycling Lives. We do however offer a similar service through a company who is fully FORS registered.

For more information on our PPE Recycling Service, or to order your recycling service
today please call us on 01293 744 444 or email

Working with you to help meet your sustainability goals and work safely
Working with OnSite Support allows you to contribute
to social value and spend commitments by supporting
the Recycling Lives charity (1116562) rehabilitating
offenders, supporting the homeless and redistributing
surplus food to local communities