Innovation at the heart of everything we do

Innovation at the heart of everything we do
In what is thought to be the first of its kind, OnSite Support have worked with some market leading companies to be able to offer an innovative approach to a ‘Covid secure’ workplace.
The system has been installed at OnSite Support’s head office to ensure staff and visitors to be able to enter the premises safely, without the need for a staffed reception desk.
This system includes an integrated access control, temperature monitoring and hand sanitising system to provide safe and secure entry to the premises and to prove that sometimes simple solutions give a robust and credible approach to the reduction of risk in the workplace.
There are multiple stages to the system, the first being a double handed sanitizing station supplied by Clarity VM which requires a positive output to the Dahua unit before the TMAC unit checks face recognition and temperature. If all automated checks are successful, this sends a positive signal to the door mechanism allowing access to the building.
The temperature control and face recognition system is based around a temperature monitoring and access control unit from Dahua Technology. The thermal monitoring and access controls effectively combine contactless access control with individual temperature monitoring, to provide safer access for visitors and staff.
Visitors and staff go through the main exterior door into a small lobby in which the system is situated. They firstly have to sanitise their hands using a sanitising station from Clarity VM, after which the system compares their faces with the system database. The built-in thermal camera then measures their temperature. If they pass all three stages they are automatically granted access through a second door to OnSite’s trade counter, offices and warehouse, without the need for a staffed reception desk.
In addition, an additional visual panel has been installed at the trade counter, so staff there can monitor data from the system.
The thermal monitoring and access control unit features a camera combining thermal and optical lenses with temperature and facial recognition technology and a seven-inch touchscreen display. It is able to detect facial temperatures to an accuracy of +/- 0.3oC in less than a second and can do so even when the person’s face is partially covered, such as with a mask. If the wearing of masks is required, the system can also detect people not wearing them.

Fully integrated hand sanitiser, temperature check, face recognition and door release

Ben Williams, OnSite Support’s Service Innovation Lead, said: “This solution has been incredibly beneficial for us as a business by improving the Covid security of our workplace. It has allowed the old ‘contact’ access solution to be completely replaced with ‘non-contact’ face recognition technology, while ensuring all staff entering site have their hands sanitised and are checked for a raised temperature, prior to entering the Covid-secure workplace.”
“As far as I am aware, this is the first time the combination of these two solutions has been integrated in this way, to provide a three-stage access protocol,” said Tim Dean, Technical Manager from the installation company, Vistec Systems. “It’s a great piece of kit, enabling users to control access and personal safety at the same time. Not only does it provide those layers of safety and security for staff and visitors, but it also acts as a demonstration unit for OnSite Support who sell the TMAC solution.”