Managing your waste

Working with you to help meet your sustainability goals.

Working in the construction industry, it’s a fact that you’ll produce a significant amount of waste. Did you know that Construction accounts for *59% of the UK’s total waste creation? Of that, 89.9% is recovered, whilst the rest enters landfill. That’s a lot of waste!

At OnSite Support we’re continuously working in partnership with our clients to find new solutions to help reduce their waste production over the life cycle of a project. From designing products with minimal packaging, to delivering PPE in reusable boot bags, to introducing e-PODs; our aim is to work with our clients to identify areas in which we can help them reduce the amount of waste being produced.

We are pleased to announce that we now offer a PPE Recycling Service. More information about this service is available here.

FAQs on our PPE Recycling Service are available here.

*Includes construction, demolition and excavation | Source: Defra Statistics (2014)