OnSite Support Creates a Re-Usable & Recycled Overshoe


At OnSite Support, we are passionate about our sustainability initiatives. We continue to innovate through the development of our range of ‘Green’ products, which are eco-friendly, help to reduce usage of single use plastic and deliver cost in use benefit.

The development of OnSite’s Re-usable and Recycled Overshoe¬†is a great example of how we have used our PLUS programme on this innovation.

By analyzing our customers’ spend data on single use plastic overshoes through our innovative PLUS programme, we were able to identify an opportunity to remove 1.5 million tonnes of single use plastic from the environment by offering a more sustainable solution.

Made from recycled Taslan, it can be worn for weeks without any signs of wear. As it is reusable, it can help to reduce the waste generated from the disposal of traditional single use blue overshoes.

To find out more about this product through our case study, please click on this link:  OnSite Support | Recycled Overshoe Casestudy