BS8599 First Aid Kit

Incorporating the new BS8599-1:2011 standard

Contains; No 16 eye dressing, 12cm x 12cm medium dressing, 18cm x 18cm large dressing, Elite washproof plasters (pack of 20), non-woven triangular bandage, nitrile disposable gloves (pair), HSE guidance leaflet, moist cleansing wipes (singles), assor
– No 16 eye dressing: x2 (small), x3 (medium), x4 (large)
– 12cm x 12cm medium dressing: x4 (small), x6 (medium), x8 (large)
– 18cm x 18cm large dressing: x1 (small), x2 (medium), x2 (large)
– Elite washproof plasters, pack of 20: x2 (small), x3 (medium), x5 (large)
– Non-woven triangular bandage: x2 (small), x3 (medium), x4 (large)
– Nitrile disposable gloves, pair: x6 (small), x9 (medium), x12 (large)
– HSE guidance leaflet: x1 (small), x1 (medium), x1 (large)
– Moist cleansing wipes, singles: x20 (small), x30 (medium), x40 (large)
– Assorted safety pins, pack of 6: x1 (small), x2 (medium), x5 (large)
– Microporous tape 2.5cm x 10m: x1 (small), x1 (medium), x1 (large)
– Conforming bandage 7.5cm x 4m: x1 (small), x2 (medium), x2 (large)
– Quick-fix sterile finger dressing: x2 (small), x3 (medium), x4 (large)
– Pharmagel 10cm x 10cm: x1 (small), x2 (medium), x2 (large)
– Emergency foil blanket 2.1m x 1.3m: x1 (small), x2 (medium), x3 (large)
– Heavy-duty first aid snips: x1 (small), x1 (medium), x1 (large)
– Resusciade: x1 (small), x1 (medium), x2 (large)
– Plastic box, dark green: 270mm x 220mm x 85mm (small), 270mm x 220mm x 85mm (medium), 270mm x 340mm x 100mm (large)