Constructor Twin LED Rechargeable Work Light

Constructor LED Rechargeable Work Light

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Rechargeable 240v plug
LED life time 25000 hours
2 x 30watt lights giving 3600 lumens
IP65 rated
No more leads
• LED bulb creating better light
• Rechargeable 240v plug
• 12v vehicle and mains chargers
• Recharge time is 5.5 hours
• 2.5 hour on 100% power
• 5 hours on 50% power
• 7 hours on 30% power
• LED life time 25000 hours
• Optional tripod
• Easy to carry to handle
• IP65 rated
• 2 x 30watt lights giving 3600 lumens
• Dimmer switch function

• No more leads
• No need for a 3kva transformer
• No issue in regards to disposing of florescent tubes
• Easy to set up and take down
• Easy to transport and store
• Locking case to prevent damage in transport

• When working in a large area, it can be hung in several ways
• Fit-out projects when lights have been removed
• Back-up in case of power failure
• When out surveying a project
• Snagging
• Working in loft locations
• Ceiling voids
• Workshop

Download technical specification (pdf format)