Respiratory Protection on Construction Sites

How do you protect your lungs from something you can't see?

Personal Respiratory Protection

On average, 3,000 construction workers each year report suffering from breathing and lung problems. Wearing the correct RPE for a specific task will ensure lungs are protected against long-term damage from airborne particulates.
Your essentials; Full Face Masks, Half Masks, Powered Air Respirators, Face Fit Test Kit

Dust Control

Reducing the surface and air transport of dust on a construction site with solutions such as dust extraction and dust suppression, can reduce exposure to harmful airborne materials.
Your essentials; M-Class Vacuum, Cutting Stations with Built-In Dust Extraction, Dust Suppression Water Bottle

Know Which Standards Apply

Since there are numerous standards and designations for RPE, to avoid confusion when checking that your RPE meets the latest standards and is appropriate for the task in hand, we’ve compiled a page of Respiratory Protection Standards.
Includes all Respiratory EN Standards

Respiratory Protection Support

Helpful information all in one place, to protect your team from respiratory hazards.
Includes; helpful links to guides, videos etc.

Respiratory Protection Catalogue

Our new Respiratory Protection catalogue is available to download here.
Includes; Masks, Dust Extraction Solutions and Dust Suppression Solutions

Respiratory Protection Article

How to choose the most appropriate respiratory protection for site.
- Anthony Ralph, Group Technical Manager