Dust Control

Construction dust can seriously damage the health of not only the person carrying out a task, but also site workers in the surrounding area.

Although RPE is essential to protect the person creating the dust, how do you protect those nearby who are also at risk from inhaling construction dust?

There are two main ways of doing this:


Dust Suppression

Using water to dampen down dust clouds

Our recommendation – Dust Suppression Bottles

Top Tip – Ensure enough water supplied for the full duration that the work is being carrid out.

Order your Pressurised Dust Suppression Water Bottle here.



Dust Extraction

Removing dust as it is being produced

Our recommendations – M-Class, H-Class Vacuum Cleaners, Cutting Stations with Built-In Dust Extraction

Top Tip – Always ensure RPE is also used.

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For more information or advice on choosing the most appropriate solution for your task, please email [email protected].

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