Respiratory Protection Services

Products alone can’t be successful unless they are properly selected and managed.

That’s why we, in collaboration with trusted partners, offer a full range of services to help you ensure that your overall approach to safety is continually optimised.


Respiratory Hazard Audit


Deaths from work related respiratory diseases are approximately 12,000 every year (Source HSE, 2017). For that reason, we offer an RPE audit to all our clients.

We work with you to identify your tasks, risks, outline best practices and spread awareness throughout your organisation to ensure everyone is aware of the dangers and their responsibilities.

Working alongside a selection of industry leading manufacturers, we will issue a full report on our findings and recommendations and work with you to ensure you are keeping your employees safe.

To book your Respiratory Hazard Audit, please email [email protected] and quote ‘MA3AUDIT’.


Respiratory Face Fit Testing & Train The Trainer Sessions


It’s never enough to apply legislation, perform an audit and then leave users to their own devices. The HSE stipulates under COSHH (2002) that any tight-fitting RPE supplied by the employer must be fit tested with the wearer. This is to
ensure the wearer is suitably protected.

Reflecting our core value of everybody matters, we work with experts in the industry to provide you with a face fit test and train the trainer sessions, helping you to keep
your employees safe and healthy. Whether you have five staff or 500 staff, we can equip you with the tools or reinforcements you need to fulfil your legal and moral obligations with minimal disruption to staff and tasks.

To book your Respiratory Face Fit Testing & Train The Trainer Sessions, please email [email protected] and quote ‘MA1FFT’.

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