Environmentally Friendly Lighting Range

A well-lit environment is paramount to the wellbeing of employees and a successfully completed job. Get it wrong, and poor workplace illumination can cause strain, headaches and fatigue.

But what is the best solution for you? We have compiled a comprehensive lighting range to ensure every area of your site has enough light to complete your job. From 110v wired lights, to high power battery solutions, we can help you light any location.

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Why Choose LED?

Benefits include offering an environmentally friendly solution, fewer hours and money lost replacing lamps and improved working conditions for everyone.

  • Higher Lumen to Watt ratio from LED (3600 Lumen for 40w LED vs 2600 Lumen for 36w twin 2’ Fluorescent light) giving you more light to work by
  • Directional light source to help focus on specific tasks
  • Even the smallest site transformers do not overload due to minimal amperage usage
  • More resilient when mistreated: No bulbs to fracture, meaning less downtime and fewer replacements or repairs
  • More compact light source ensures easier positioning and storage
  • More Energy efficient: Uses less power than fluorescent or incandescent lights
  • 50,000 hour lifespan (over 11 years if used for 12 hours each day)


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