OnSite Support Recycling Service

The UK construction industry produces a large amount of waste – in fact in 2018, construction, demolition and excavation accounted for an astonishing 62% of the UK’s total waste, according to the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs*. – that’s a lot of waste

How Can We Help?

Throughout the lifespan of a project sites use a wide range of PPE. But do you know what happens to your PPE once you’re done with it?

Currently around 40% of all waste from construction sites ends up at landfill, leading to an increase in harmful greenhouse gasses.

By partnering with our service provider, we can turn your discarded PPE into useful fibres, working towards a circular economy and ensuring we offer the best possible solution for end of life PPE.

Why Choose PPE Recycling?

  • PPE recycling offers 100% diversion from landfill
  • Evidence of working towards a circular economy
  • Evidenced end of life solutions with fully auditable reporting on waste streams
  • Secure certified destruction of company and project logos
  • Supporting the environment for future generations


How Does It Work?


Step 1: Requesting Your PPE Recycling Service

Contact us to request your 240L or 660L Recycling Wheeled Container and PPE recycling woven sacks.


Step 2: Schedule Collection of PPE

Once you have 5 or more PPE recycling collection sacks filled, please follow instructions on the lid of the bin to request collection.

The customer has 2 options for the Recycling Service:

1. Customer is within our direct delivery area:

OnSite Support deliver the storage bin/sacks requested.

OnSite Support collect the storage bin/sacks once they are full.


2. Customer is outside of our delivery area:

Storage bin/sacks requested will be delivered by a third party delivery service.

Provider directly collects filled storage bin/sacks.

This service is not available for FORS sites outside of our delivery area

Either our drivers or our service provider will collect all cable tied, tagged sacks from one central location, which has to be the same as the delivery postcode. Your collection date will usually be within 48 hours, however, to maximise logistics efficiencies and minimise unnecessary journeys (to reduce CO2), your collection date may be up to 10 working days

Step 3: Confirmation Of Collection

Either OnSite Support will collect at the same time as making a delivery and stay in contact with you throughout the process, or our 3rd party service provider will contact you to arrange collection


Step 4: Tracking Your PPE Recycling

Once your PPE has been collected, OnSite Support will pass the collection on and at the end of the month, we will receive full reporting on the different waste streams used to recycle your materials.


FORS – Due to our fleet being FORS registered, we are able to collect all sealed and tagged recycling sacks from your FORS sites from one single collection location (the same as the delivery location). If your site is outside our service area our service provider will collect. Please note they are not FORS registered.

What Can You Recycle?

We are able to collect:

  • Textile
  • Clothing
  • Cardboard/paper packaging
  • Plastic

This means we can collect almost any PPE from your site, diverting 100% of it away from landfill. By using our recycling service, you can help minimize the amount of PPE and packaging that goes to incineration. In fact, it can help stop the waste to energy process becoming higher than 3% – further contributing to a healthier planet.

We cannot except general waste, or wet/otherwise significantly contaminated PPE from activities that aren’t the wearers primary function.

What Happens To Your PPE?

Once your bins and bags have been collected we take all the end of life PPE, ensuring we track it along the way. Our third party provider guarantees the secure destructions and recycling of the corporate clothing and PPE, which has been taken from your site.

There are 5 waste streams following this:

Recycled into new products
Footwear donated to charities
Plastics – Reused in applications such as on the right
Metals – Melted down and new products created
Energy creation (under 3% of total)
  • This is the last option if none of the others are suitable
As part of our commitment to remove, reduce, reuse and recycle, why not talk to OnSite Support about other ways to eliminate waste by using our PLUS programme to help select products with packaging solutions that have lower environmental impacts or use recycled materials.

For more information on our PPE Recycling Service, or to order your Recycling Service today please call us on 01293 744 444 or email [email protected]