SaveSorb Range


SaveSorb is the most effective absorbent on the market. Quick and easy to use, it substantially reduces the amount and cost of hazardous waste disposal for companies, while protecting the environment.

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SaveSorb – its qualities

  • A totally natural and sustainable plant resource

  • True absorbent of almost all hydrocarbons, chemicals and their vapours
  • Hydrophobic (repels water)

  • Use up to 20 times less loose SaveSorb to clear up spills, compared to other products like clay ganules.

  • Safe to handle in its natural state

  • Versatile – for use on land or in water


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SaveSorb – benefits

  • Substantially reduces the amount of hazardous waste disposal

  • Decreases incidents of pollution caused by contaminants leaching back into the environment

Save Time. Save Money. Save the Environment.

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