Achieving Logistics Excellence

At OnSite Support, we work hard to deliver on Logistics Excellence for our clients.

Through our PLUS programme, we capture the granular details of our clients ordering and usage habits, in order to provide meaningful insights into their buying and utilization. By working collaboratively with clients, we are able to help analyse client data associated with our deliveries and suggest ways to reduce these – resulting in less vehicular movements and improved community relations, air quality and all associated emissions.

Using the data available through PLUS, we have helped reduce our clients scope 3 CO2 emissions by over 25%. This means our clients are saving nearly 600 metric tonnes of CO2 through efficient ordering and associated reductions in deliveries. In addition, as this has a direct relationship with other harmful emission (NOx & PM10), these will also see a reduction.

A more efficient delivery process, means a more efficient site! Here is how we achieve Logistics Excellence for our clients:

  • Helpful OnSite Support Driver
  • An expanding fleet of OnSite Support vehicles
  • Pre-booked delivery slots
  • Nominated delivery days
  • 99.98% delivery accuracy
  • Friendly service

How we work with FORS

At OnSite Support, we work with FORS (Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme), to audit a variety of areas across our owned logistics fleet, helping us to continually monitor, review and improve our delivery service. This gives you, our client, the peace of mind that we value logistics safety, reducing fuel emissions and improving operations as much as you do, and in doing so, we are helping you to reduce your CO2 emissions.

We are delighted to have retained our FORS Silver membership for yet another year. Here is how we do this:

  • Performance Data:
    We use day-to-day routing to optimise fuel consumption, are continuing to run an anti-idling campaign and all our vehicles are fitted with a ‘black box’ to monitor and track driver performance.
  • Fuel, Emissions and Air Quality:
    We use Fleetcheck to run first use, end-of-day and defect reports on all our vehicles, and we use the FORS app to record fuel and Adblue transactions to measure emissions competence.
  • Road Risk & Vehicle Safety Equipment:
    We have implemented driver behaviour tracking and dashcams to monitor our teams driving trends, thereby reducing road-traffic collisions, incidents and near-misses
  • Professional Development:
    We run FORS Professional Development training for our team to ensure all staff maintain the knowledge, skills and attitude to conduct their duties safely, professionally and with consideration to the environment.
  • Noise Pollution:
    We use booking systems, such as DataScope, as well as customer specific booking forms to schedule timeslots for deliveries to sites. This assists with safety onsite by managing traffic flow, and controls traffic and reduces noise pollution into residential areas.
  • Sub-Contracted Services:
    We require FORS accreditation throughout our sub-contracted logistics service.

The next step for us is to Go For Gold!

Please find here, information on how this will benefit our clients.