Respiratory Protection

PowerCap Infinity: Ultimate protection

You will be no stranger to the potential risks of exposure to harmful dusts to your workforce. Last year, the HSE outlined key initiatives to stop or reduce the risk of exposure to construction dust, which has serious health risks particularly when exposed regularly.

Our previous news article on Combating Harmful Dusts looked into ways to reduce dust creation on site, and explored other options when prevention is not an option.

Masks are often the obvious and more popular solution to protect your workforce against harmful dusts, however they do have certain restrictions – such as not working with facial hair.

Our trusted suppliers JSP are launching a new innovative solution with PowerCap Infinity. This offers a four in one solution for respiratory, head, eye and face protection. Here are some of the key features:

  • easy to maintain and adapts to different users
  • cost efficient product for any worker who requires optimum protection
  • complies with all safety standards and features the latest PAPR technology
  • features ‘Heads-Up Display’ and audible warnings for battery and filter condition
  • fully rechargeable battery
  • Sonis® ear defenders available as an optional accessory
  • optimal air flow prevents misting of the visor and the common side effect of dry eyes

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OnSite Support is proud to be one of the select few UK dealers supplying this premium product: Order yours online today.

If you have any questions about this product or other respiratory solutions please contact us today.